4 Reasons to Choose a Small Wedding Venue

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4 Reasons to Choose a Small Wedding Venue


Are you dreaming about the perfect wedding but overwhelmed by planning for a huge event? Well, don’t worry – we have the solution for you! You should consider choosing a small wedding venue. Small weddings can be just as meaningful and romantic as bigger events. Plus, there are many additional benefits that come along with hosting an intimate celebration.

Here are 4 reasons why you should consider have a smaller, but still memorable, wedding reception

Small Wedding Venue Availability

Hosting a small wedding can be an unforgettable experience! With small weddings, you can enjoy exclusive use of venues that are not available for larger groups. At our NEW Eclipse Event Space, we specialize in small intimate weddings for up to 50 guests and provide experienced professionals to handle all the details.

Choosing a smaller wedding venue also means that once you’ve booked, your guest list number is final.  From here you can then create your invites for your nearest and dearest.

This also takes the pressure off having to invite third cousins and your next door neighbours cat.  If the venue has a fixed smaller capacity you get to celebrate with the ones you love.



Quality over Quantity

Just because you’re having a smaller guest list doesn’t mean you have to skimp on quality.

Treat you and your guests to a memorable meal that they will talk about for years to come.  Curate a menu filled with your favourite dishes and pair it with delicious wine.

Choose beautiful centrepieces that your guests can take home at the end of the evening.  Ensure an unforgettable experience for everyone.

Preserved Intimacy for your small wedding with close friends and family

A small wedding gives you the opportunity to enjoy time with your closest friends and family in a more intimate setting than some of the larger venues out there. Plus, if you prefer something less formal, it’s easier to achieve with fewer people around!

You also have the chance to provide personalised wedding favours as an extra token of appreciation for those who helped make your day so special.

Make It Unique

With a smaller guest list comes greater freedom when it comes to entertainment options as you have less people to accommodate.

Think outside the box and explore options like hiring a local harpist or guitarist for your cocktail hour.  Be totally unique and book a magician or caricature artist as a fun gift for both you and your guests!

The possibilities truly are endless!


When it comes down to it, having a small wedding doesn’t mean sacrificing quality or uniqueness – quite the opposite actually!

Our team at Cornerstone Catering believes that every couple deserves their perfect day no matter what size their guest list is.  That is why we have partnered with Eclipse Event Space to create a small wedding venue in Canmore to host those special moments.

Eclipse is a locally owned and operated roastery specialist with a contemporary modern coffee shop.  With Cornerstone Catering this space is now available for your small wedding reception.  Hosting up to 30 guests for a plated or buffet dinner this intimate space is a beautiful location to create lifelong memories. Looking for a less traditional event? This new venue can also host cocktail style receptions up to 80 guests.  Need to squeeze a few more to your guest list, consider the Canmore Nordic Centre Banquet Room through our sister brand, Cornerstone Weddings.

So why not book our new small wedding venue today? We look forward to helping make your big day one that neither you nor your guests will ever forget!  Contact us for more details or check out our brochure.