Discover our Chili Cook Off Teambuilding Party!

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Discover Our Chili Cook Off Teambuilding Party

Organizing corporate teambuilding activities can be a fun and creative way to bring together your colleagues and build stronger relationships in an exciting setting.

The perfect example of this is organizing a Cornerstone Chili Cook Off Teambuilding Party in the beautiful town of Canmore, Alberta!

Not only will everyone get the chance to bond while sharing their favorite chili recipes, they’ll also have plenty of time to explore one of Canada’s most attractive destinations with plenty of adventure-filled experiences just around the corner. From trying their hand at rock climbing or taking part in a rafting excursion down the Bow River, there are endless possibilities for outdoor activities that your group can enjoy during a short stay in Canmore.  Of course, you can also fit in the meeting and work stuff around all the fun you will be having!



See below our top 5 reasons to book our Chili Cook Off Teambuilding Party.


1. We host and organize the entire event

This Teambuilding Activity is created, hosted and MC’ed by Cornerstone.

We have two venues to choose from.  Pick Cornerstone Theatre with a hosting capacity up to 150.  Or for smaller groups up to 80, the Banquet Room at the Canmore Nordic Centre  is a great option.


2. It’s a unique event

How many times have you seen the ‘eye roll’ from your staff at the mention of the word Teambuilding?  We know, we get it!  That is why we created an event that is super fun, interactive, competitive, yet doesn’t feel like the regular (and dare we say boring) teambuilding.

3. We even cater the food

 Cornerstone Catering is renowned in Canmore for our superb culinary delights.  Our chefs are outstanding and provide exceptional food quality at competitive pricing.  Whether this is through corporate catering, Cornerstone Cafe or our wedding catering, we know food.

Our Chili Cook Off Teambuilding Party provides not only a welcome margarita and wine with dinner, but also a delicious evening meal.  We have a set menu, but would love to create something unique for your team based on your culinary ideas.  Reach out and ask us for a customized option.


4. Did we mention the party?

Our regular Chili Cook Off finishes around 9pm, or after dinner.  However for 2023 we are ramping things up.  We have been deprived of social interactions for so long that we think your team (and our staff) deserve a party.  After dinner,  speeches and formalities, your team can party for an hour, or two or even until 2am – you decide!

Add in our in-house DJ and make this Teambuilding Event one to remember.


5. We got this!

This is not our first rodeo.  We have experience and have been running our Chili Cook Off for a number of years.  This years event has been upgraded, tweaked and improved to ensure it is the best one yet.  We have professional Event Coordinators who are here to assist you and ensure you have the best Teambuilding Event in 2023.

chili cook off teambuiling party

Overall, there is no better way to bring your coworkers or teammates together than a Chili Cook Off! You can trust that with Cornerstone, not only will we organize and accommodate your teambuilding event but we also promise to make it an unforgettable experience. We are experienced in the field and continuously strive to exceed everyone’s expectations. Furthermore, our customer service staff is available and ready to answer any questions that you may have.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity; contact us today to book your Teambuilding Event with Cornerstone and start working towards building the foundation of a stronger work relationship amongst colleagues. We look forward to hearing from you in 2023!