The Best Reheat and Eat Meals

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Reheat and Eat Meals – Canmore Takeout just got even better!

Cornerstone Canmore is proud to re-launch our range of Reheat and Eat Meals.  These are currently available at Cornerstone Café at the Canmore Nordic Centre and online at the Corner-Store

All our meals are made fresh from scratch at Cornerstone Café.  They are all GF, do not contain preservatives and served frozen in 1 litre containers.

Looking for some Canmore catering?  Our meals are also available through Cornerstone Catering for corporate events, teambuilding, parties, special events and more.

Here are our top 4 sellers and what makes them a great Canmore takeout option

Butter Chicken

Our reheat and eat meals first started with Avi’s Butter Chicken.  The meal is a staff and now a local favourite, outselling the other meals by far.  This meal is made with fresh ingredients, from a traditional recipe.  Our butter chicken is also available from Cornerstone Catering for corporate meetings, special events and parties.

Paneer Makhani – vegetarian option

A newcomer to the Cornerstone Café repertoire but this is a crowd pleaser for sure.  This is cooked with the same sauce as the butter chicken but replacing the chicken with paneer. If you are not familiar with paneer, it is a fresh Indian cheese and is similar to cottage cheese.  The main difference is that cottage cheese is salted, while paneer is not.  Paneer is a semi-firm cheese and it does not melt in the cooking process.  We serve it in our curry in cubes and it is a great source of protein. In addition, our curry is suitable for vegetarians.

Add rice and naan to either curry (check out simple naan recipe here) for a meal for 3-4 adults.


reheat and eat meals canmore takeout
reheat and eat meals canmore takeout

Thai Coconut Chicken Curry

In the top three is our Thai Coconut Chicken Curry.   This deliciously light curry is made with fresh ingredients, herbs and spices.  The chicken breast is marinated for 24-hours in the red Thai curry paste to ensure the flavours infuse for that recognizable taste.

Served with rice our dinner will serve 3-4 adults.  Also add in flatbread to mop up the curry to ensure nothing is left in your bowl.

Beef Bourguinon

This traditional French dish is created using AAA grade Alberta beef.  The tender chunks of beef fall part after being simmered in our rich red wine gravy.

This winter warming dish is a great stew to serve with boiled baby potatoes or delicious garlic mashed potatoes.  Add in a freshly baked dinner roll and you have a family meal for 4.

Camping with Cornerstone

Our reheat and eat meals are ideal for quick dinners at home. However, did you know they are also perfect for camping.  Store them frozen in your cooler and once thawed they are quick and easy meals for the great outdoors.  You will be the envy of the campground!

Other notable mentions

At Cornerstone Café, we also have other reheat and eat meals available.  Check out our full list on the Corner-Store.  Coming soon will be our Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken and more.

All meals are available for pick up daily 10am-5pm at Cornerstone Café located at the Canmore Nordic Centre.

Like the sound of our meals but want this on a larger scale?  Cornerstone Catering offers Canmore catering services for a variety of different events.  Our Bison stew started out as an item on our wedding menus and our butter chicken has been a popular item on our Indian Lunch buffet for corporate groups.

Contact us for more details on our Canmore catering services or pop up to the café at the Canmore Nordic Centre today.



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