Teambuilding: The Case for Off Site Camaraderie

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Teambuilding Events can be a fantastic way to build stronger bonds among coworkers.  Need to grow your teams problem solving skills and boost employee morale?  Teambuilding is a great way to do this.  We all know that 2020 was a challenging year.  Many companies had their staff working from home.  While this helped with the COVID-19 pandemic and kept our teams safe, it may have hindered team dynamics.


Finding the delicate balance between facilitating ‘just another work event’ and creating longstanding memories for your staff can be tricky. We’ve all seen the ‘eye roll’ when the word Teambuilding is mentioned and we want to change this perception.   Cornerstone has two venues to support you with this process.  As experienced hosts, Cornerstone has the following suggestions for making sure your team’s experience goes off without a hitch.


Define your objective, set a budget, and determine the venue

Not every objective is best served by a large scale operation. Yet, if the size of your staff dictates the need for adequate space, you’ll need to plan to find a suitable location to accommodate. While it’s not always possible to leave the office, the benefits of being apart from the regular work area can be significant. People tend to be more receptive to new ideas and experiences in ‘neutral territory’. If you’re looking to shake things up, break the ice with a group of new hires, or bring your team back together, a trip out of the office may be just the ticket!



Consider transportation or accommodation

A trip to the mountains is an incredible opportunity for teambuilding. However if you are are coming from out of town, transportation may need to be organized.  Alternatively, if budget allows, an overnight stay can make the entire event something memorable.  Here are some of our trusted accommodation vendors.

Keep things interesting

It goes without saying, but a key component of making the most of your teambuilding experience is ensuring that your activities are designed to create genuine engagement. No one wants to be stuck in a room for the day. Ensure your event is more than just the same old teambuilding activities that staff have seen and done time and time again.  Give your team something to remember and talk about for months to come.


Don’t leave your team with empty stomachs

Nothing hinders an otherwise great day than grumbling stomachs and hungry employees. Checking with your venue to discuss catering options is a crucial part of the planning process, as is making sure you have a record of any dietary requirements. Be sure to provide these to your caterer as early as possible to make sure everyone has enjoyable meal options, and no one is left out.

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Teambuilding events take effort to be successful, but much like the exercises themselves, a little work can go a long way. Cornerstone is proud to offer two unique venues, experienced event staff and a variety of options to ensure your time is fun, productive and rewarding! Visit our teambuilding page to discover more of what we have to offer.  Contact Us for more info and to book your one of a kind team event!