5 Best Questions To Ask About Wedding Catering

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Wedding Catering, Canmore

Your wedding catering is one of the most important parts of your special day.  Aside from how beautiful the bride looks; it is something your guests remember the most.  Therefore, you want to ensure that your wedding catering is memorable for all the right reasons.


Choosing your wedding catering takes time and there are lots of things to consider and ask to ensure you are going to enjoy a memorable meal with loved ones on your special day.


Our Cornerstone Catering team have put together 5 important questions to ask your Wedding Caterer

Question One – Availability

Is your caterer available on your wedding day?  If not, are you willing to change your date to get the caterer you want?  Do they have other events already booked on this day?


Question Two – Legalities

As much as this isn’t the fun question, it is important to know that your wedding caterer has an Alberta Health Food Handling Certificate (or equivalent for other provinces and jurisdictions).   This ensures they are inspected on a regular basis by a Health Inspector and that they adhere to safe food handling practices.



Question Three – Where will the food be prepared?

Having a kitchen onsite at your venue doesn’t necessarily mean that your caterer will cook there.

Many caterers will use an onsite kitchen as a prep and storing area and bring the food in fully cooked.

If this is the case, where is the food cooked and how far away is this from your venue?

While hot boxes and warming ovens are worth their weight in gold, if your food is being driven for two hours to your venue you need to know (and maybe choose someone else).

At Cornerstone Catering we usually cook in our own kitchens at the Canmore Nordic Centre or downtown at Cornerstone Theatre.  We cater within the Bow Valley and rarely venture beyond this so we can ensure our food quality.

Question Four – Staffing Levels and Service

Ensure you are aware of what is included and what isn’t.

Does the caterer provide staff?  Do they have a ratio for servers to guests so you will know how many staff will be there on your day?

What are the staff responsible for? Serving the food, clearing the plates, doing the dishes?

What is the cost for staff?

Will the staff be in uniform?

Will there be a manager or supervisor at your event should you have questions?

Cornerstone offers various staff service levels for your Canmore wedding.


Question Five – Hidden Costs

Nobody likes hidden charges and at Cornerstone Catering we try to be as open and transparent as possible about the services and menus we provided.  Items that are sometimes added as extras include:

​Serving staff, chefs and bartenders.  Ensure you know who is coming and how much it will cost you

Is there an extra charge for plates and cutlery?

Are linens and napkins included?

Cornerstone Catering has catered many Canmore weddings from large buffets to plated dinners.  Our sister company Cornerstone Weddings, lives and breathes weddings so we have experience across our brands. We offer various service levels and budgets to suit your theme and vision including catering delivery to providing all your staffing needs.


Check out our menus for more information on how Cornerstone Catering can be your Canmore wedding catering team. Our Contact Us


There are so many questions to ask your wedding caterer to ensure you get what you want for your day. We hope using the questions above helps you start the selection process so that your wedding day is magical and memorable for all the right reasons.