Wedding Rehearsal Dinner in Canmore – Do’s and Don’ts

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Wedding Rehearsal Dinner in Canmore – Do’s and Don’ts


What You Need to Know About Hosting A Wedding Rehearsal Dinner in Canmore

When it comes to wedding celebrations, the rehearsal dinner is an important event. This intimate gathering serves as a way for couples and their families to get to know each other before the big day. With that being said, it’s important to understand what’s expected when planning a wedding rehearsal dinner in Canmore.

This blog post will provide some do’s and don’ts that engaged couples should keep in mind when planning their own wedding rehearsal dinner.



Pick A Venue That Works For You


When selecting a venue for your wedding rehearsal dinner in Canmore, there are many options available depending on how many people you want in attendance or what kind of atmosphere you’re looking for.

Make sure you take into consideration any special dietary requirements or allergies that some attendees may have before selecting a venue and menu items so everyone feels comfortable during the evening’s festivities!


Don’t Overspend on the Wedding Rehearsal Dinner


When it comes to planning a wedding, couples need to be careful about how much they spend.

With that being said, it’s important to provide your guests with a fun rehearsal dinner without feeling the need to go overboard with the budget.

Remember, your guests have potentially travelled to celebrate your special day with you, will be booking accommodation, plus the cost of attire, hair and makeup.  The Rehearsal Dinner is also a nice way to say thank you to them with a meal before your special day – we know they will appreciate it.


Do Invite the Right People


When deciding who gets invited to your rehearsal dinner, make sure you invite people who are involved with your wedding or related directly to you or your partner.

Etiquette suggests inviting people who will be in your wedding party or part of the ceremony.  However, inviting others is also acceptable.  Including out of town guests so you can spend more time with them or having a less formal dinner may mean including a few more too.

Ultimately ensure the VIP’s are there and the rest is up to you!


Don’t Forget To Tell Guests The Dress Code


It’s important you let guests know what kind of dress code is expected prior to attending the rehearsal dinner. Whether you choose casual attire or something more formal (such as cocktail attire), make sure that everyone knows ahead of time so no one shows up underdressed or overdressed for the occasion!


Wind Up At A Reasonable Hour


When planning an evening out with friends and family, it can be easy for things to get carried away – especially when there is an open bar involved!

Having your close friends and family together in such an intimate setting is a great opportunity to catch up and before you know its the wee hours of the morning.   To avoid this, and ensure you get to bed at a reasonable hour (we suggest between 10pm-11pm) set parameters at the start of the evening so everyone knows this is not a late night. That way everyone can have fun without feeling like they have stay out too late and you get your beauty sleep before the big day.

Whether you’re having an intimate gathering with just close friends and family or something larger scale with several hundred guests – these tips will help ensure that everything runs smoothly on your special night before heading into married life!


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With careful consideration and thoughtful planning, hosting a successful wedding rehearsal dinner in Canmore will be no problem at all! So take some time now to think about all of these points – and enjoy creating beautiful memories together on this momentous occasion!  Contact Cornerstone Catering for more details on event catering, rehearsal dinners, wedding catering and more.

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